Admission to Primary School

During the admission process, our goal is to make sure that Genesis College is the right educational institution for your child and meets your expectations. For us, it is important to be sure that both children and their parents, in joining the Genesis community, will fit in smoothly and embrace the educational vision of our school. Check all the information you need you make the best decision for the future of your children, and let us meet for an introductory discussion.

Alte informații


Admission and evaluation fee, which is paid in advance, at the time of requesting the evaluation of the child, before enrolling the student: 300 EUR;
School enrollment fee, which is paid in advance at the time of completing and signing the enrollment form for the primary education level: 300 EUR.

In case of withdrawal of the student, the registration fee is not refundable.

Financial contribution per student:

For enrollments in the school year 2022 – 2023, the tuition fee is 9900 Euro/year (990 euro/month, with the obligation to pay 10 months per year).

The fee for educational logistical resources and for the development of the material base of the educational unit amounts to 1,300 EUR per year, which is paid monthly (with the obligation to pay 10 months of the year).
Daily meals are included in the fees.


  • 1% annual loyalty discount;
  • 5% discount for the second child enrolled at Genesis College.

School: Formal education (national curriculum), alternative activities and programs, breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks, textbooks (except those for English, French and German).

About the tuition fee 2020-2021

  1. The tuition fee is to be paid in advance – between the 10th   – 20th of the spot month, for the next month;
  2. The deadlines for paying the above mentioned tuition fees are to be complied with, for the good functioning of the institution;
  3. The following are not deducted from the tuition fee: absences, mid-semester and semester breaks, winter and spring holidays, the national holidays and other legal holidays, the days when extra-curricular activities or school camps are organized, etc.;
  4. The transportation fee is not recalculated for the periods of time the student is absent

Children who have been attending Genesis College for several years benefit of a 1% discount from the tuition fee for each new year of study.

Methods of payment

Payments can be made at the school accounting office or directly to the following account: RO43 BACX 0000 0022 7017 6000 Bank: Unicredit Bank
For more details, please contact the school’s secretariat.

The tuition and transportation fees include:

  • supervision and school activities, from Monday to Friday, in the time frame 8:00 a.m – 4:10 p.m. /6:00 p.m.;
  • breakfast, fruit snacks and lunch;
  • school books;
  • 10 English classes/week, of which 2 are taught by a native speaker;
  • clubs, which complement the activities from the curriculum;
  • a consolidation programme – doing the homework at school and individual study, under the guidance of the class primary teacher/professor.

At Genesis College we have chosen to wear the school uniform because of the sense of belonging that it gives, associated with the students’ pride to wear the distinctive logo and insignia, which help them integrate and define their identity in the community.

In addition, the uniform helps at social inclusion, by reducing social status differences and it also plays an important part in the protection of students, by allowing to identify any persons unrelated to the school.


Genesis College encourages performance and grants scholarships to students who achieve excellence in various areas of knowledge, visual arts, music or sports. Their purpose is to give children with special results and special skills the chance to fully use their talent in a school that provides the premises for the development of each student’s individual abilities. Genesis College offers scholarships that reduce the study fee by between 25% and 50% for children with very good school results or scholarships that consist of a full reduction of the study fee throughout the educational cycle, for students who have exceptional school achievements or outstanding achievements in the fields of science, arts and sports.

Genesis College offers a vast Enrichment program to help its students enrich their knowledge and improve their skills in the fields they are interested in – science, technology, mathematics, Romanian, foreign languages, history, arts, music, sports. With the help of well-trained and devoted teachers and educational programs that emphasize both intellectual and socio-emotional development, students have the best conditions to reach their potential.

Scholarships are offered based on age, performance, results, and activity portfolio, and the decision belongs exclusively to the Genesis College Commission for Scholarships.

More details about Genesis College scholarships can be found in the scholarship awarding guidelines / grant process. For further information, please contact us by phone at 031 425.05.62 or by e-mail at: