Project Description

Vlad Oancea | Drama teacher

He is an actor with more than 15-year-experience, both in performing on stage and in teaching children. Vlad graduated from UNATC in 2000, acting department, having as class teacher the university professor doctor Florin Zamfirescu. You can see Vlad’s performances on the stage of Bulandra Theater. He is also a founding member of Cool School, a learning through playing platform. ”Before applying to Drama, I had been a student in Law for 2 years. After graduating from the Faculty of Drama, I realized that each individual and more importantly, each child should attend at least a course in Civil Law and one in Drama. I mean Civil Law because at the age of 14 we receive the right to sign but no one ever explains to us what exactly we sign, and I mention Drama or acting practice because we all should be able to open a door for someone, politely say hello and have a conversation, without considering these gestures of painstaking difficulty, like weight-lifting for example.” Since 2015 Vlad has been a Drama and Personal Development teacher for children aged between 6 and 14 years old within The Genesis College.