Project Description

Simona Nicolae | Religion Studies Teacher

Simona has been teaching Religion for over 10 years and she describes her teaching process as dynamic and lively. “The lesson of religion aims at shaping up the moral character in children and contributes to their spiritual and cultural development. The information is selected taking into account each child’s individual needs and teaching is achieved by discipline-specific means and strategies, such as animations, images and icons, using as teaching methods: presentation, conversation, debate and questioning”- she confesses. She has chosen a teaching career because she wanted to help build the moral character in children and support their intellectual and spiritual development.From her desire to the actual accomplishment of her mission there was only one step. She has graduated from The Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Sciences within The University of Valachia, Romanian Language and Orthodox Religion department. Apart from her teaching experience, she is also driven by her involvement with various projects with humanitarian character- different social campaigns, started at the school initiative, for the poor, the disadvantaged families and the orphans. Simona likes travelling and discovering new destinations, she paints and relaxes by reading or listening to music.