Project Description

Mirela Pascaru | Primary school teacher

Mirela describes herself as an active and dynamic teacher who gladly participates in sports activities. Being regarded as a responsible, organized and diligent person by her colleagues, Mirela Pascaru has chosen her career as a teacher since it offers her lots of challenges and satisfaction and fulfills her both on a personal and professional level. She is a graduate of The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences “A.I Cuza” of Iași and she has been teaching for sixteen years in her department. She is also Head of the Professional Development Department within “Genesis College” and she is one of the main teachers who organizes trips, camps and other extracurricular activities. “For me the key to success for a teacher in the educational process consists in convincing each student by using a unique combination of arguments and reasons by which it addresses both the mind and the heart. In the last few years, due to the mental and behavioural structure of children, which is in perpetual change, I’ve felt the need to lay more emphasis on interactive methods since they provide a more powerful active-participative character which enables the exchange of opinions and promotes interaction”- she states. She likes travelling along with her family and she relishes making trips with the children, an activity that  she attends with great pleasure every time she gets the chance. Moreover, she spends her leisure time gladly practicing snow sports.