Project Description

Marian Marin | Maths teacher

Marian Marin has an experience of over 17 years in education and he has chosen his teaching career out of his love for Mathematics and children. He graduated from The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology within The University of Bucharest, in 1997, General Mathematics specialty and in 2017 he completed his interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Biostatistics within the same faculty, in the Statistics profile. Within our school institution, he is the Head of “Mathematics and Sciences” subject-group and the coordinator of the contest “Mathematics without Borders”, local stage. In his opinion, it is the brainstorming and the desire for high achievement in students that lie at the basis of the teaching and learning process. “I wish my students evolved and to this effect, they have all my attention. Thus, a relationship of mutual respect and acknowledgement is being shaped up, which favors learning.”- he states. Marian has a fiery passion for the traditional Martial Arts and chess and he dedicates his leisure time to reading and travelling