Project Description

Laura Dănăilă | Piano teacher

Laura Dănăilă has been working in the educational field for over 10 years and she confesses having chosen this career to instill her students the same joy that she feels about music. “I consider that I can offer the children both the knowledge in the field of music and the passion for this art, making use of their curiosity and joy for singing.” She has graduated from The Conservatory, the lead piano department and she has been a piano teacher at “George Enescu” High School, the same place where she had the experience of touching the keys on a piano for the first time. Within our school institution, she is the Coordinator of the Music School and of music-related events, such as evening musical showcases, morning musical showcases- which have become a tradition in our school in each semester. In 2011, Laura released a book for children “The Piano for the little ones”, a book for kids who want to learn to play the piano with the help of some funny and smart characters. Besides, piano means to her more than a passion and a teaching subject – it shrouds her every time in an oasis of silence