Project Description

Ileana Turcitu | Maths teacher

Ileana is a graduate of The Pedagogical High School of Deva and of The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology within The University of Bucharest, class 2001. She completed her studies with a Master’s degree in “Banking, Insurance and Financial Management”. She has a 7-year-experience in the field of education, out of which 6 years working as a Maths teacher for high school education. She regards herself as an idealist. “I believe in a solid education, both from a moral and from an intellectual viewpoint. I strive to make my students reflective people, vigilant to the provocations of life, cautious to nuances and arguments, who should understand both the necessity of respecting certain rules and someone’s effort. I mean effort indeed, as students enjoy exercising their will. They revel in the satisfaction of having successfully completed a task, of having understood and learnt an algorithm, in feeling wiser and better today than yesterday.” Among her hobbies one can mention reading and travelling.