Project Description

Dragoș Pârcălabu | History teacher

Dragoș Pârcălabu teaches out of his desire to contribute to a better education of the young generations and out of his passion for history and dialogue. Students confess that Dragoș is the embodiment of professionalism and generosity, even if sometimes they get some minor rigors. He is a graduate of The Faculty of History and Theology of Bucharest. And since he has always had a fiery passion for old text analysis, he has completed his studies with a Master’s degree in Exegesis and Hermeneutics at the University of Bucharest. He has also graduated from the Doctoral School of the History Institute “Nicolae Iorga” within the Romanian Academy. On a school level, Dragoș is the coordinator of the competition “History through Art” in which he has successfully managed to involve other educational institutions in the whole country.