Project Description

Denisa Dumitru | Biology teacher

Biology, as its name suggests, is the science that addresses the study of life. “I’d like to believe that the hours spent together with my students make both me and them treasure  life more.”- Denisa confesses. Denisa is passionate about Biology and she enjoys sharing with her students a part of her knowledge acquired throughout the years of study at The Faculty of Biology within The University of Bucharest, but also knowledge gathered as a result of her Master’s degree in Medical Biophysics and Cellular Biotechnology within The University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” of Bucharest. She was also involved for 6 years in a volunteering programme within The Emergency Clinical Hospital “Bagdasar Arseni” of Bucharest in order to be closer to humane medicine and laboratory. Among her interests, one can mention hiking, board games and rock music.