Project Description

Cristina Bărbălan | Primary school teacher

“Becoming a teacher has been one of my childhood wishes which later came true. For me, teaching is the job that gives me the chance to grow and live among children, having the huge and elevating mission of building people and destinies”, says Cristina Bărbălan who has more than 20 years of experience in education. She has graduated from the Teachers’ University College and the Faculty of Educational Sciences and ever since she has been keeping up with the needs of each child and with the current educational requirements. Among her favourite activities, performed both in school with her students and outdoors in her leisure time, we can mention Origami (or the art of paper folding), as being one of the most popular Japanese traditions. In her daily programme, nature plays an important part, whether she explores  it through walking or she is inspired by its beauty in each of the paintings that she creates.