Project Description

Alina Marineac | English teacher

Alina Marineac has been teaching English for 13 years now. She has been teaching both in the Romanian and the international school system. She considers it an asset that she has gotten to know so many children, coming from so many cultural backgrounds throughout all these years. She thinks that  teaching is the most rewarding job possible for one gets to see the values taught in the classroom passed on to future generations of children. She believes it is amazing to see the children get inspired by the teachers they come in contact with and, as they leave school, see how they impact the world and society in their turn. This is what motivates her every day when she steps into the classroom and thinks of new ways to pass on not  just knowledge but valuable life lessons.

Alina Marineac is a graduate of the University of Bucharest, Department of Philology and Translation Studies. She has pursued further studies into  Teaching English as a Secondary Language for both young learners and teenagers.