Project Description

Alexandra Negureanu | German teacher

Alexandra Negureanu has graduated in German and Spanish Language and Literature at The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures within The University of Bucharest and she has also attended a Master’s programme in the field of Germanistics and intercultural communication. In addition, she has benefited from several international scholarships, in Germany and Austria. Alexandra considers that the teaching job doesn’t only imply the mere act of conveying information, but also aims at getting involved in the intellectual and emotional development of the student. “Education is one of the most important pillars of any civilized and balanced  society and therefore it is necessary that, by means of the tools offered by education, we should develop children’s intelligence, creativity, empathy and flexibility, since these are key premises to affiliation to an increasingly dynamic and competitive labour market”,- she says. Alexandra is interested in fields such as: linguistics, literature, psychopedagogy, political and social philosophy, intercultural communication.