We welcome IB educators from all over the world to a series of virtual meetings dedicated to the MYP formation.

We want to create an open community where we will exchange ideas, tips and tricks, discuss the challenges we’re facing in implementing the MYP curriculum and find ways to tackle them together.

We invite you to join us to an online hub of workshops related to the MYP curriculum, the opportunities and demands of the MYP implementation, as well as potential solutions, methods and recommendations to be shared with a broader community.

We are welcoming every educator with an insight into the MYP implementation and development to exchange ideas of good practice and participate in the discussions.

We will organize and host five online meetings, on the last Friday of each month, between January and May 2022. Each meeting will focus on a particular MYP-related theme (see the topics below).

The meetings will be moderated by dr. Cristina Obae, Languages Head Of Section, Personal Project School Coordinator & International Projects Coordinator at Genesis College. Cristina is an IB examiner and MYP/DP French teacher since 2008. She is passionate about technology usage in education, non-formal education and differentiation.


January 28th
Personal Project: Challenges & Implementation

February 25th
Mindfulness and wellbeing in the MYP

March 25th
MYP and PYP assessment

May 6th
Standardization and ATLs in the MYP

May 27th
Inquiry in the MYP

Duration: 120’ | Language: English | Free registration – link

Cristina – why the need for such an event

“The pandemic created more than ever the need to connect and socialize. That’s where the idea of MYP Café5 came from. Educators from all over the world are confronted with similar issues generated by the current crisis. Alone it’s difficult to find solutions but united in an active MYP educators community we can support each other, share ideas and advice. One for all and all for MYP! (to paraphrase the musketeers motto)”

Ioana Mîndruț – challenges of MYP

The challenges encountered so far come from the Inquiry Based Learning and Project Based Learning direction. We are still trying, in the discussions organized on subject groups, to identify challenging ideas in Project Based Learning in such a way as to respect the requirements of the Romanian Curriculum but at the same time to make the lessons more pleasant for the students, to arouse their curiosity and desire to research and investigate. Ioana Mîndruț , MYP Coordinator

All the meetings will be available with prior registration. We encourage you to offer discussion proposals through the registration form. These will all be collected and condensed into the main discussion topics.

Looking forward to seeing you at the events!