This class is available to students who are beginners in playing an instrument or have previous experience playing a band instrument. Students will develop musical skills in a sequential manner that always is based upon and leads to performance, while concurrently improving their individual and ensemble-playing skills.

Why join?

Although performance skills are the focus of each class, students will become more knowledgeable on music theory, evaluation skills, and information about the culture and history of the music, as well as relating the music to other arts and broader curriculum areas. Classes are focused on group performance so important goals include learning cooperation, rehearsal procedure and protocol, musical blend, and appropriate leading and following skills necessary for successful ensemble performance. Practice outside of class may be required.


Marius studied at the National University of Music in Bucharest, where he graduated from the Faculty of Composition, Musicology and Music Pedagogy in 2007 and the Master of Jazz Piano-Light Music in 2009.
His musical activity took place on two levels: artistic and pedagogical. In the artistic field he has had numerous concerts on stages in Romania and other countries, such as Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, England, Moldova and Canada. In the pedagogical field he has 12 years of experience in the country and two years in Canada, working as a teacher of piano, violin, music theory and orchestration.

Durată curs: 2h/săptămânal, 32 de săptămâni
Orar: Miercuri, 14.35-16.15
Preț: Gratuit
Număr minim/maxim de cursanți: 7-12
Clubul se adresează tuturor elevilor.