The concept of “Model United Nations”, abbreviated MUN, refers to the academic simulation of a conference, summing up a number of specific UN bodies and often other international organizations (e.g. NATO, the European Union, Arab League, etc.).

During this event, the participants assume the role of delegates of the states, representing their position in the simulated committee. They undertake activities similar to those carried out by diplomats in the respective context, such as supporting speeches, engaging in debates, negotiating, drafting and drafting resolutions, amending and voting resolutions, etc.

The activity of a simulated committee is moderated by one or two Chairpersons, whose role is to present the issues proposed for debate, to ensure that the rules and procedures are followed and to direct the discussions to a tangible purpose. The result is the adoption of resolutions and amendments designed to solve the problems in question.

This club is addressed to all high school students, is free and runs throughout the year. The club is coordinated by Professor Cătălina Andrieș.