Genesis Kindergarten Curriculum

Genesis Kindergarten is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of National Education through the Order of the Minister no. 5632/2006. The kindergarten follows the national curriculum and, starting from this year, it also has elements from the IB International Education Programme – Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Genesis Kindergarten has received international authorization for the PYP (Primary years Programme). Thus, Genesis is now part of the large community of global international kindergartens. For more details about the PYP programme and the IB organization visit

At Genesis, the educational programs offer children a safe, warm and enriched environment where they learn by playing. As educators, we cooperate with professionals from various fields, and we work with our teachers in order to create a learning environment as fun and exciting as possible.

Our program is designed to create special play time both indoors and outdoors, where kids are encouraged to use their imagination, solve problems and develop their social skills, much needed to achieve success in life.

Our curriculum provides a large range of experiences that help children build their self-help abilities, fostering their social, emotional, personal and intellectual development by studying foreign languages, science, math and arts – to be curious by nature.

The educational programs highlight the vision of the kindergarten of differentiated approach of learning, related to the individuality of each child, with unique rhythms and passions.

The educational offer includes activities from the national pre-school curriculum, enriched with elements of the British curriculum and other educational alternatives, such as Montessori or Step by Step, supported by learning theories such as that of Multiple Intelligence Theory, developed by Howard Gardner as a modern perspective in approaching different learning and evaluation strategies.

Throughout the entire school year, children are involved in various projects related to the PYP Trans-disciplinary Themes, which are linked to the national curriculum themes:

  • Who we are?
  • How we express ourselves?
  • Where we are in place and time?
  • How the world works?
  • How we organize ourselves?
  • Sharing the planet.

Third-graders cover all 6 themes, while second- and first-graders study 4 themes, given the 6 curriculum areas:

  • Language

  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • PSPE – Personal, Social and Physical Education through the
    “I Can” and “Do It Yourself” programmes

In addition, our kindergarten programme comes with the benefit of the alternative activities included in the Genesis Enrichment programme, the central point of our educational offer: „Enriching education by means of exciting and exploration experiences”.

Genesis alternative activity programs are structured in such a way as to make children enjoy their journey through the world of learning and growth, less concerned or fearful about the expected outcome.

Through this program, Genesis Kindergarten provides a warm and secure environment, enriching the curricular experience for children. In addition to academic support, the program focuses on the development of social skills and abilities. At the heart of their teaching philosophy, our teachers focus on the respect and positive attitude towards children, being well aware of the importance of adequate role models.

This program includes various activities from all areas of knowledge, structured on the six areas of learning:

  • Communication

  • Science
  • Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Personal, Social and Physical Development

The programs seeks to identify the particularities of each child and help him or her grow in a well-balanced and open environment, to his or her full potential. To that aim, Genesis Kindergarten implements a structure organized by activity, for each age level.

A complex extracurricular program also ensures that kids have direct contact with their environment, including in trips and camps. The Forest School program involves activities in nature: forest, greeneries, parks.

The Genesis Sensory Play programme is dedicated to the development of sensory aptitude by activating all senses within the „Play Workshop”. Activities are managed by specialized teachers: fine arts, sports, music, dance, aikido, court tennis, swimming, ballet, football.