Counselling and Orientation Action Areas


Scientific research shows that the development of socio-emotional skills supports the development of cognitive abilities and allows children to integrate in groups, perform their tasks, meet the challenges and create a harmonious personality.

Starting from the preparatory class, we have been constantly monitoring children’s work and doing various workshops with students. These workshops aim at increasing the ability to focus attention, developing motivation for learning, establishing appropriate relationships with both other children and adults, and behaving properly to the rules set at the group level. Through age-appropriate strategies, we help students discover their own skills, know and manage their emotions, interact harmoniously with others, solve conflicts. Our specialists talk to children and encourage them to express themselves, analyze different situations, use role-playing games and therapeutic stories to help them build the necessary socio-emotional skills throughout their lives. Depending on student needs and emergencies, our specialists organize workshops and meetings with children, as well as meetings with students’ parents and classroom teachers.


From the very youngest age, we cultivate our students with respect for oneself and respect for others. As part of our anti-bullying program, we teach them to set and respect boundaries and relate in an appropriate way to others.

We offer them, depending on their age, the opportunity to practice different roles and situations so they can find their balance and react appropriately when they appear. At the level of the class, preventive activities take place regularly with the teacher or the teacher. If intervention is needed, we monitor students’ behavior at different times, and our specialists have discussions and activities with both the whole class and those involved.

During regular meetings with psychologist Sorina Petrica, teachers explore different strategies based on case studies, trying to identify the most appropriate bullying prevention solutions within their group of students.


We approach the educational process from the perspective of learning styles, to optimize the learning of information and the development of skills through practical application. We promote inclusive education and work consistently to tailor the teaching of every child’s particularities.

The children’s educational needs are different and some of them have difficulty in receiving more or less in the learning process. School counselors and psychologists offer recommendations for primary teachers and secondary teachers on different pupils’ approach, based on their individual data.

In the case of children with special educational needs, the psychologist, psycho-pedagogue and class teachers work in a team to facilitate their integration and development from an educational point of view.


We want our students to strike a balance between what they want to do, what they can do and what they will do in their professional lives. Through our career counseling program, we help children discover and develop their skills and learn to value them.

Through their activities, they explore their abilities and resources and acquire personal marketing elements and find out what are the main requirements in different professional areas. We make known to our pupils the educational offer of the high schools in Bucharest and abroad, we accompany them at fairs where they can meet with their representatives and advise them on the admission process. Through events such as Career Week and Job Shadow Day, we bring them closer to realities, opportunities and challenges in the professional environment.

Counseling Team

When they come to school, our students build up not only knowledge, but develop skills that help them adapt to the different situations that occur in life and learn from them. Through our programmes, we support the socio-emotional development of children, in accordance with the needs and the understanding ability of each age. We encourage kids to recognize, understand and express emotions, to interact and establish healthy relationships with each other, and we explain solutions to solve social problems. At group level we carry out activities leading to self-regulation of emotions, conflict resolution, anger control, recognition and management of aggressive behaviors.

We work with parents and we carefully observe our students in order to get to know them and provide them with the resources to discover their motivation, to improve their skills and to assert their personal qualities. We encourage them to find and follow their passion, and measure their progress in relation to themselves.