Genesis College, the only fully digitized school in Romania, has started enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year! In the current context, parents’ meetings with the Director of Admission and the Director of the school will take place online, without the need to travel in means of transport or spend time in crowded spaces.

This way, campus representatives will answer the parents’ questions and provide them with more information about campus facilities and the current educational offer in a video conference, organized using the Google Meet app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The application is very easy to use and only requires a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, which has a webcam, microphone and internet connection.

Why choose Genesis College?

Genesis College is the only school in Romania with a complete 1:1 digitization, meaning that all students, from the preparatory class to high school, have Chromebooks. Thus, the lessons have become more fun and more interactive, and the students have instant access to all the information presented at the hours and to the proposed activities, but also to the grades obtained after the assessments.

The Genesis College campus is accredited for all education cycles, from preschool to high school. In addition, Genesis College joined the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization in 2018, offering students excellent programs, following the Romanian curriculum, combined with the requirements of the PYP (Primary Years Program), for kindergarten and primary cycle, and MYP (Middle Years Program) ), for high school and high school.

These programs are designed to support and stimulate the personal and intellectual development of students and provide them with a learning framework that encourages creativity, critical thinking and the ability to reflect, as well as creating connections between the learning process and the real world.

How is the admission process carried out?

For the 2020-2021 school year, Genesis College enrolls children ages 2-16. The registration will consider the compatibility of the moral values of the family with the vision on the education of the school institution. Both parents and the child, as well as school representatives, will evaluate whether Genesis College is the most appropriate option, and there may be cases where our counselors may recommend other educational institutions.

After receiving a favorable response from the school, it is necessary to complete the registration file, signing the educational contract and paying the registration fee. However, the registration process will be finalized at a later date, agreed by agreement, after a meeting with the student and the family.

Schedule a meeting and give your child the chance to learn in a secure emotional climate, in which he / she is encouraged to self-discover, set high goals and pursue them passionately!

*Entries are made throughout the school year, depending on the availability of seats.