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Edu Apps este o companie fondată în anul 2011 care Edu Apps is a company founded in 2011 that works in the field of technology for education. The mission of Edu Apps is to improve, together with teachers, education specialists and decision makers in the education system in Romania, the quality of education, in order to make a better future for the children and young people, the adults of tomorrow.

Genesis College is a school that keeps up with technology and responds to the demands of teachers and students for a modern education in the digital age, a school where technology facilitates blended learning, communication and collaboration. We are proud to have collaborated in digitizing the education process within Genesis College and we will continue to innovate teaching and learning together

Ștefan Apăteanu, CEO Edu Apps.

Genesis College International High School has started a partnership with IntegralEdu, the most important educational consultant in Romania for studying abroad! With an international experience of over 25 years in consulting students, parents and all interested in the best educational programs, institutions, high schools, universities and language centers abroad, our partners will provide counseling to the students of Genesis College International College regarding both the submission of study files abroad, as well as training and career care consultancy.

The National History Museum of Romania is the main partner of the ARTfel History Contest, initiated by our school in 2015. This cultural institution is the most important museum of the Romanian State. It possesses objects of great historical value, discovered on the present territory of Romania, dating from pre-historic times and up to the contemporary period. It is also the most important museum of history and archaeology in Romania, both in terms of size and assets.

We are honored that together with Genesis School we played a part in shaping an outstanding project on the Romanian education market, and we feel privileged to be able to help aligning educational projects to current international trends in the field.

Flavius Roaită, museographer

The Small Academy is an iSTEAM education hub, where innovation, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics are blended into learning activities that are practical and fun, projects and experiences for children between 5 and 14 years of age. Their courses emphasize experiential learning that develop new skills and teach children how to become intelligent technology users.

We want children to become familiar with new technologies, to use it for creative purposes, generating an impact on the lives of those around us, and we have identified the same purpose at Genesis School, which made us believe in the sustainability of this partnership.

Mya Țărmure,

The Museum “Casa Muresenilor” in Brasov is an autonomous institution, a centre for national and local heritage studies and research. The museum is dedicated to the Muresanu family, represented by personalities such as Iacob Mureşianu (editor and owner of the “Gazette of Transylvania” between 1850-1877) and Andrei Mureşanu (author of the Romanian national anthem ” Deșteaptă-te, române!”). The bond between Genesis College and this cultural institution is represented by history. For three years, the Museum has been the trusted partner of Genesis in organizing the ARTfel History Contest, with the direct involvement of museographer Ovidiu Savu.

I always feel honored to receive the invitation from Genesis School to take part in their ARTfel History Contest, in my role as member of the jury. I couldn’t overstate how well-prepared the students of this school are, and how happy I am to see their openness and involvement.

Ovidiu Savu, museographer

The Romanian Federation of Modern Aikido was born as a synthesis of a 20-year practice of Aikido in Romania, based on the need to promote Aikido free of unnecessary bureaucratic fetters that restrict the richness of this form of physical and spiritual practice, and allowing a non-discriminatory access to its members to the benefits of a long-lasting and high-quality practice of Aikido in our country. The Romanian Federation of Modern Aikido was recognized by the Romanian Government as a national federation for the Aikido sport branch in July 2007. Aikido is recognized as a distinct sporting branch in Romania.

Our collaboration with Genesis School began 11 years ago, developing so nicely that we have been able to educate together hundreds of students. For us, Genesis is one of the few really successful schools in Bucharest. We want to continue together on this path towards a better future for younger generations.

Marius Ioniță

Ion Creangă Theatre is a public performance institution, a repertory theatre subordinated to the General Council of Bucharest Municipality and financed from the local budget. Its mission is to create and promote theatre shows of high artistic value, to co-ordinate and implement research programs and educational, social-formative and aesthetic projects for children aged between 0 to 12, for educators, teachers, parents or legal guardians. Every year, more than 50,000 spectators from Bucharest and the country watch the plays at Ion Creangă Theater, as all are shows that provide a meaningful artistic experience designed to inspire, stimulate reflection and bring joy to the little ones.

The process of acquainting the younger generation with the arts world in general and to theater plays in particular is a complex one that cannot be confined to the space of the theater hall alone. It must continue after the curtain has fallen down, when spectators return to the classroom. That is why the support and involvement of teachers, educators, professional trainers, is essential.

We are honored to find this support in the Genesis School team, who share our desire to bring theater closer to children, as well as our mission: to sow the seeds of passion for art and culture.

Lucian Ghimiși, manager

“Gheorghe Lazăr” National College is a prestigious high school in downtown Bucharest, named after Professor Gheorghe Lazar, who layed the foundations of teaching in Romanian language at Sfantul Sava College. Established in 1860, “Gheorghe Lazăr” National College is the second oldest high school in Bucharest. It is involved in national and international partnerships, projects and programs, attracting the choice of many 8th grade students for this high school.“Gheorghe Lazăr” National College has mathematics-computer science, natural science, social science and philology classes.

Genesis College is one of the educational institutions that frequently crosses our threshold, thus confirming that its alumni are educated according to their needs, but also to the need for culture and for the development of the artistic and aesthetic sense.

Ionela Neagoe, National College ”Gheorghe Lazăr” director

University of Bucharest is deemed to be the most important institution of higher education, research and culture in Romania, having acquired in its more than 150 years of existence a strong national and international prestige. The many generations of students and academics have succeeded in positioning University of Bucharest as one of the reference institutions for the entire Romanian society, being the first Romanian institution to make it among the top first 600 universities in the world. University of Bucharest offers numerous educational programs at all levels and forms of university education.

The joy of love and respect offered to children, prestige, elegance, conscientiousness, punctuality, gesture blending and balance of relationships, all are part of our partnership with Genesis College.

Dedication to the greater family of University of Bucharest and Genesis School has softened the personality of each partner and built the hope of an infinite particle: gratitude.

With infinite appreciation,

Beatrice Almășan

For 15 years, Cărtureşti redefines the expectations we have from a bookstore. A visit to any of our Bookstores is an experience in itself.

Besides a rich selection of books, music and art videos, Cărtureşti always awaits you with fragrant teas, soft music in the background or with book launching events and art exhibitions of appreciated artists.

Cărtureşti Bookstore Chain reached 21 units, out of which eight in Bucharest, and the rest in various cities in the country.

Starting with 2005, the school received the name “Iosif Sava” in memory of the great Romanian musicologist, and entered a partnership with the foundation that has his name.

“Iosif Sava” School of Fine Arts, through its proposed mission and its project of education and managerial development, represents a true cultural center, promoting true personalities with a real vocation, thus offering its students the necessary support in choosing school orientation.

For them, the overarching selection criterion for national and international competitions must be performance.

The Sports Dance Club Mihai Petre, also known as the Dance Academy, was founded in 2002, and soon became one of the most important sports dance clubs in Romania.

The club is led by Mihai and Elwira Petre, winners of 14 national championships, the first pair of professional dancers from Romania ranked in the top 50 World Ranking List and European Cup finals.

The Club has organized many editions of the “Romanian Open” Dance Competition, a reference competition of the Romanian Dance Sports Federation.

“Madrigal-Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir, one of the most appreciated professional choral ensembles, is an emblem of Romanian and universal musical life, and in its 54 years of artistic existence, its name has often represented Romania’s image in front of the world, becoming a true “country brand”.

Starting with 1964, Madrigal took part in all editions of the “George Enescu” International Music Festival. Since 1969, Madrigal constantly performed in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, totaling more than 4,100 concerts, out of of which 2,000 abroad.

Supporters of the Genesis Projects