About Genesis for Life

The Genesis for Life program, developed by the Genesis for life Foundation, is how we choose to contribute to a better world. Since education is made by personal example, we show our students what generosity and involvement mean, through our social responsibility projects.

The most important lesson

The most important lesson that a child can learn from us is to give in return, to offer in different ways all the good things they have experienced during their life. By offering a personal example, we show our children the value of commitment and generosity, as well as the tremendous power people have every time they meet in the name of a noble cause.

Engaging in noble causes

Our desire is to offer the members of our community the inspiration to bring hope and change where they are, and with the tools they have, through the model of cohesion and engagement we practice. One of the noble causes we have been involved over the years was to help newborn babies with renal insufficiency admitted to the “Marie Curie” Hospital in the Neonatology Intensive Care Unit headed by Dr. Catalin Cîrstoveanu.