The ACTnow module aims to provide students with a space where they can express themselves and where their imagination takes shape.

As a result of participating in the ACTnow module, students will tell a story based on two essential ingredients: the theoretical and practical knowledge gained in the workshops, to ensure a more coherent and clear form of the story, and the confidence that their point of view is valuable and interesting.

The benefits of the ACTnow module will be found in the ability to support an idea in public with confidence and pleasure, in the ability to work as a team and to understand its potential and, last but not least, in realizing the importance of one’s role within a team.

This club is addressed to all high school students, is free and runs throughout the year. The club is coordinated by the actor Vlad Oancea, the director Marian Popescu and the musician Marius Văduva.