When Education
Follows the Sense of Life

I took on the challenge to build a school to respond to the aspirations and values of many parents who want to guide their children on to the path of inner growth and skill development, both intellectual and physical, to ensure their continuous success as real experts in their chosen professions, and as upright and valued humans.

Our educational philosophy aims to develop abilities for a profound understanding of life, and emphasizes interest on communication and respect towards culture and universal values, by developing interactions between critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

We created a strong educational structure with an interdisciplinary team willing to discover the next level of change in social, multicultural and technological expression. We brought on board, and will continue to do so, experts in education that can help us to access up-to-date and efficient teaching methods, internationally validated, and support us in appreciating, understanding and respecting the uniqueness of each of those who will represent the evolving world.

I feel grateful for every year that adds up to Genesis College life, and I am happy to see how the group of 20 kids and 7 teachers I took on this path 18 years ago turned into a community of 400 children and more than 100 teachers who create the transformational universe required by a changing world.

I shall do my best to give back the gift I was offered by education, in that I shall try to discover new understandings and solution to make Genesis College a safe and firm modern campus, and one of the most appreciated learning destinations.

Ioana Necula
Founder of Genesis College
Chairperson of the Board of Directors

The Privilege of
Learning Every Day

Every day I start at Genesis College makes me feel happy and honoured for the responsibility to receive and offer a learning experience.

I enthusiastically answered to the beginnings of Genesis College and the proposal to join in one of the most daring ideas for educational development – a school campus that honors the unique profile of each student and takes into consideration different learning styles, the new demands for information facilitation and a scale of high values, in the spirit of searching for knowledge, inner discipline and a higher understanding of life.

Today, Genesis College is a learning community with great development perspectives in the spirit of the International Baccalaureate philosophy, animated by the responsibility to learn and share cultural experiences.

For me, this opportunity to be part in defining one the most representative educational strategies, to build innovative programs together with a team of passionate teachers looking towards the future, means to receive the privilege of contributing to the development of a world where our children stand out as highly principled human beings, researchers, thinkers, being able to take risks and bring back knowledge into society.

We inspire students to discover, we help them grow, we learn by their side in an international community where we honor respect and integrity, knowledge and evolution.

Mihaela Drăguș
Co-founder of Genesis College
General Manager