We are building a community with high values and goals, based on responsibility, compassion and morality.
We give our students the tools they need to develop their skills and be able to think independently, to find creative solutions to complex issues, make decisions and collaborate with others. We help all children to get excellent school results and provide them with the necessary learning opportunities, knowledge and educational resources, and self-confidence to succeed.
We discover, develop and promote the native potential of each child, and we cultivate in all of them the passion for study. We value our students for who they are, for their progress in relating to themselves, and involve them in international programs that help them assert their personality.

We believe in our students’ potential to change the world.
We provide a supportive environment for high motivation and lifelong learning skills. We want our students to develop their abilities in critical thinking and decision-making, and become active citizens of a multicultural world. We encourage the continuous development of Genesis graduates, the power to understand and exercise their rights and duties in society, and the focus on volunteer work, in the spirit of respect for the community and the environment.

Key Directions

  • We stimulate performance and encourage students to formulate high goals that they can achieve, step by step.
  • We invest in the continuous training of our teachers, to ensure an educational process at international standards.
  • We encourage the natural curiosity of children and transform the acquisition of new knowledge into a discovery process.
  • We cultivate student interest in the world around us and lay the foundations of a genuine passion for learning.
  • We support the active involvement of children in classes, we encourage free expression and teach them to receive and offer suggestions.
  • We prepare students to become citizens of the world and understand the value of diversity.
  • We see mistakes as learning opportunities, and show our students the value of perseverance, thus contributing to creating a mindset focused on personal growth.
  • We approach the educational process from the perspective of personal learning styles, so as to optimize the acquisition of information and the development of skills through practical application.
  • We develop children’s skills and creativity through our own educational strategy, that integrates music, arts and body movement into the learning process.
  • We offer an extended STEM programme to enable our graduates to adapt to the society.
  • We help children to develop a sense of responsibility and compassion and become aware of the value of the common good.
  • We develop critical thinking and the ability to solve complex problems.
  • We support the formation of a strong general knowledge, with a focus on understanding history.
  • We take care of the physical, intellectual and emotional development of our students, and make sure that everyone feels valued.
  • We promote inclusive education and help children with special educational needs to fit in and successfully approach the learning process.
  • We communicate openly with parents and provide them with relevant information about their children’s progress.