Founded 18 years ago, Genesis College was the first private school to be accredited in Bucharest.

We received full accreditation from the Romanian Ministry of Education for all pre-school, primary and secondary education cycles, and our educational process follows the national curriculum, enhanced with an extensive Enrichment program. At Genesis College, children develop their skills in a learning experience that inspires and motivates them to find out more, to apply critical thinking, to make their own decisions, to articulate their reasons in a debate, and to co-operate.

The Genesis College Curriculum also includes an important international component, by integrating alongside the curriculum developed by the Romanian Ministry of Education several prestigious study programs from abroad. We are in the process of being accredited by the International Baccalaureate organization for the Primary Years Programme, covering the preschool and primary cycle, and the Middle Years Programme, covering the secondary cycle, both meant to gain access for our students to the great high-schools and universities of the world. All of this is already part and parcel in the educational process at Genesis College.

The Genesis College Campus is accredited by Order of the Minister of National Education for all levels of education: preschool, primary, secondary. Genesis College meets all quality standards required by the Ministry of National Education and uses the programs and textbooks of the national curriculum in its teaching activities. Thus, our educational process aligns with the requirements of prestigious high-schools and universities throughout the country, where our students successfully integrate themselves.

As early as in the second grade, our students are ready and prepared to pass the Cambridge English Qualifications tests and exams, organized in collaboration with the British Council. Genesis College is a Silver Partner in the British Council Addvantage Programme and an examination center for Cambridge English Qualifications tests.

An essential component of the Genesis College curriculum is its own Enrichment program, where children develop their socio-emotional, STEM, artistic, athletic and intellectual abilities.