Genesis College is the only school in Romania with a

full 1:1 digitization. 

Thus, the lessons became more fun and more interactive, and students have instant access to all the information and activities presented in class, and also to the grades obtained after the assessments.

National and international accreditation

Genesis College is accredited for all educational cycles, from preschool to middle school. In 2018, we joined the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization, and we are offering students programs of excellence, following the Romanian curriculum, combined with the requirements of PYP (Primary Years Program), for kindergarten and primary school, and MYP (Middle Years Program), for middle school and high school.

These programs are designed to support and stimulate students’ personal and intellectual development and provide them with a learning environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking and reflection, and the creation of connections between the learning process and the real world.

Community – Alumni

A few words about Genesis … But it’s impossible! How do I describe in a few words an experience I can talk about for hours on end? In general, I met wonderful people – colleagues, teachers and every employee without whom Genesis would not be the same. What do I like most? Not classes, not performance, but the fact that everyone knows everyone. The atmosphere is so friendly, warm, the hallways meet only smiles and cheerful children. In the 8th grade, with all the stress of the National Evaluation, when we felt we wanted a break, Genesis seemed to know our desire and we were told that a movie or a show was being organized. Indeed, we have evolved constantly from an academic point of view, but not in a rigid environment, as happens in other schools, but in a pleasant environment where it is a pleasure to learn. 

Daria Bărbălan, Student in the 10th grade at Tudor Vianu National College

The period I spent at Genesis was one of the most beautiful parts of my schooling. In this fantastic institution, I had the honor of knowing a multitude of teachers who put all their soul in what they do and who were so involved that they managed to get closer to our hearts to a point where they knew us almost the same as well as our own parents. I can not express my gratitude for these people because they are the ones who have managed to teach me everything I know to this day, which helped me to discover and that made me realize what I want to become in my life. In addition to the wonderful teachers I met over the 8 years I spent at Genesis, I was fortunate enough to meet a well-educated and intelligent college student with whom I was able to feel good and become very good friends.

Eduard Ciucă, Student in the 11th grade - Ion Luca Caragiale National College
My name is Poppa-Valsan Mihai-Viorel, I graduated from the Genesis College School in 2015 as the head of the class and now I am a scholar at Avenor College International High School, in the 11th grade.
For me, Genesis meant the journey to who I am today and I honestly think it was the best decision. Even though we were at the beginning, we grew up together, in a strong, positive and successful community, in a welcoming and warm environment. Genesis provided me with educational and personal development programs and services that were consistent with my needs, understood and found the right means to meet my interests.
Poppa-Vâlsan Mihai-Viorel, Scholar at Avenor College International High School, in the 11th grade.
The experience I have lived at Genesis College has been unforgettable in many ways, and if I could give back time, I would make the same choice to move to this school.
In addition to the excellent education provided by both extracurricular activities and school lessons with a different approach, I have learned to value teachers and start seeing them from a different perspective than the student one. Because being a child under the training of these teachers guarantees a new vision of life, because, in addition to academic education, which is often approached in innovative ways, it learns to practice its creativity, spontaneity and social skills, an environment that will quickly become a second home.
Oana Pascaru, Student in the 10th grade at the Gheorghe Lazar National College
At Genesis School I learned how to learn. I managed to get good, even very good results in a relaxed, friendly, challenging environment. The Genesis School program is designed for the child to know as much as possible, to find out, to ask. There is always someone to answer and explain to you that progress is easy. I made friends and we had fun both at school and in out-of-school activities.
Paul Constantinide, Student in the 11th grade

It is an exceptional school with the appropriate teachers. It has opened my horizon to knowledge and I am proud to have been part of this wonderful collective.

Stancu Sarah Lucia, Student in the 10th grade at the Gheorghe Lazar National College

Genesis was, is and will remain an exceptional place with beautiful memories that I will always remember.

Mario Stancu, Student at the Grigore Moisil National College, 12th grade